AML and Compliance

The Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) Framework on Trinidad and Tobago is guided by numerous pieces of legislation, guidelines and policies. There are obligations on listed businesses identified in the First Schedule, Proceeds of Crime Act, Chap.11:27 and non-regulated financial institutes in Section 2, Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”) of Trinidad and Tobago Act, Chap. 72:01 to have certain risk-based systems in place. There are separate reporting and disclosure obligations to the Financial Intellectual Unit (“FIU”), Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission.

These systems are required for their customers, employees and their business operations to ensure the prevention of suspicious activities and/or the disclosure of suspicious transactions to the FIU. We work with international individuals or businesses that want to become aware of the local regulations while setting up their operations in Trinidad and Tobago. We work with international partners who will be able to assist Companies who are interested in money laundering and financial compliance across the region.

For listed entities or non-entities that have current obligations for on-going due diligence and compliance with AML laws, we offer the following non-contentious services:

  • Advice on compliance program;
  • Advice on disclosure and reporting to regulatory bodies;
  • Understanding and meeting reporting requirements

We are also available for representation in contentious matters in the magistrate, High Court and administrative tribunals for breaches in reporting or disclosure in the AML and compliance framework.

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