Corporate & Commercial Advisory Services

Corporate and commercial law is based on the law of Companies and various business transactions. It transcends a wide array of legal areas including the law of contract, companies, tax, insolvency, cross-border trade, among other things. Corporate and Commercial Advisory services are a broad and wise range of services which include, but is not limited to:

  • Legal advice on domestic or foreign commercial transactions;
  • Legal advice on general compliance with local regulations and/or laws;
  • Customs, CARICOM or international law policy and/or law;
  • Drafting, review, negotiation and completion of commercial agreements and instruments;
  • Incorporation, registration and winding up of Companies;
  • Drafting, review and registration of bye-laws and Company policies;

We offer legal services based on the needs of each Client and can be contacted to determine whether we are able to assist in your transaction.

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