Criminal Defence

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of quality representation, no matter what they face. The personal attention we give to each case helps ensure clients have a defence solution tailored to their unique needs with the goal of protecting their legal rights and representing their best interests.

We strongly believe that our clients come first and our priority is to always work to achieve the best possible result in their case. We tenaciously fight for these outcomes and leave no stone unturned when helping our clients through trial.

Services provided in this area include but are not limited to

  • Representation of summary and indicatable offences
  • On call or around the clock station visits for persons detained
  • Representing defendants and complainant in private complaints of criminal offense
  • Provide advice and representation for bail applications and pleas in mitigation
  • Habeas corpus applications for persons being detained without being charged
  • Representation of minors

Your Case Is Our Top Priority

Your freedom and your rights are important. Never settle for less when it comes to protecting yourself. Our criminal defense attorneys offer aggressive defence solutions for a wide variety of issues and are committed to providing the high quality professional services that our clients’ cases demand.

NOTE: We set the bar others try to reach

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