Tax Appeals

An individual or Company liable to pay income taxes pursuant to the Income Tax Act, Chapter 75:01 have the right to appeal the assessment of the Board of Inland Revenue of Trinidad and Tobago (BIR) (Section 87, Income Tax Act). For individuals or Companies who believe they are not liable to pay income tax by virtue of the tax laws of Trinidad and Tobago and their home state, also hold the right of appeal the decision of the BIR.

Proceedings in the appeal process are guided by the Tax Appeal Board Act, Chapter 4:50 and the Tax Appeal Board Rules. The matter is heard by the Tax Appeal Board that has all the rights and privileges vested in the High Court in related to the appeal of assessments by the Board of Inland Revenue and appeals of their decisions are made to the Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago.

The tax appeal process is a specialized process that requires a mixture of law and accounting. The law is used to determine the interpretation of the act, while accounting is used to calculate the appropriate measure of tax liability. As new taxes are coming to pass in Trinidad and Tobago, citizens, companies and other legal entities must be aware of their changing obligations under the law. Therefore, we also provide advisory services to ensure that our Clients are properly appraised of their tax obligations before establishing residency or commercial presence in Trinidad and Tobago.

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