A country that can be found on the northern mainland of South America. Guyana is often considered apart of the Caribbean because of its strong cultural, historical and political ties with other Anglo-Caribbean countries and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Guyana as a founding member of CARICOM economic bloc, hosts the home of the Bloc’s Headquarters, the CARICOM’s Secretariat. Also, Guyana is a member of the West Indies Federation, which was established in 1958 comprised with 9 other Caribbean countries including Trinidad & Tobago.

The Constitution is the Supreme Law that governs Guyana. It outlines the branches and powers of Government, establishes qualifications and times for elections, lists basic human rights and sets up independent institutions to protect these rights. All laws made by Parliament must be in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution. This means that any law that is in conflict with the Constitution is unconstitutional, in other words, it is not valid.

The faith of Guyana is now about to change as they have recently discovered vast oil reserves off its coasts. Revenue management is another big question mark right now. The new discovery will bring wealth into the country, making it attractive for new investors.


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